As an endurance athlete we are always in need of good quality food while out on big training days or in events.

Unfortunately, the market is full of so-called "energy-based foods" for endurance athletes but a lot of them are full of artificial sweeteners, flavours and ingredients that upset the stomach. Which is the last thing you want while out hitting the trails.

For optimal performance it's important to snack on foods with natural and quality ingredients that have a good mix of macronutrients. Which is why Sweet Nutrients bliss balls are one of my go-to clean energy-dense snacks.

Sweet Nutrients bliss balls contain organic dates - which are a concentrated source of essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates ( CHO’s), which are necessary for the maintenance of optimum health. Plus they are high in natural sugars like glucose, which once in the bloodstream, glucose can be used immediately for energy or stored in our bodies to be used later. These delicous bliss balls also contain natural fats from nuts and coconut that are high in energy.

Consider that you are training for an endurance event - you are going to spend a lot of time in the aerobic zone 2. This is the intensity level that forms a better aerobic base, which most top coaches will recommend at least 60-70% of your weekly volume should be in zone 2 cardio. To reap the benefits of zone 2, long runs, recovery runs and easy runs should all be in zone 2, For most people this is keeping the heart rate below 140-150bmp. 

To go into more detail, when you start this low – to moderate-intensity activity, fast and slow glycolysis kick in, and the ratio shifts nearly 100% carbs. Then when you exercise longer than say 3 minutes the ratio shifts back to using fat to produce ATP, especially as you reach 30 mins or longer. 

In short, this shows the body needs not only carbs but fats and proteins to be refuelling throughout your event or training days. 

Sweet nutrients bliss balls are the perfect well balanced snack and are easy to digest. Which provides the carbs, fats and protein required for a great endurance session.

I will always go for a natural product that my body is craving over those yucky tasting gels. Plus who doesn’t enjoy a delicious treat being a few hours into an intense endurance event!

p.s My favourite is the salted Caramel. YUMMY!


- Travis Boyle @tb.therunningtravler

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