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About Us


We make it our mission to provide nutrient dense raw plant-based treats to locals like you. We source the highest quality organic ingredients from all around the world. To create delicious bundles of whole-food goodness. Each one of our plant-based treats are hand-rolled and handmade by us. Because like you, we share the love of a healthy lifestyle and plant-based living.



About Us

We can all agree it's in our best interest to fuel our bodies with healthy and nutrient rich foods. To live a long fulfilling healthy life. Right?
But, we still want to indulge in and enjoy the naughty sweet foods guilt-free. With the added bonus of nourishing our bodies at the same time.
Sweet Nutrients was founded upon the idea of nourishing our bodies with wholesome, plant-based, naturally sweet foods.
Our treats are guilt free, dairy free, refined sugar free and packed full of delicious healthy ingredients.
Rest assured they will still deeply satisfy any sweet tooth craving and combat the 3pm slump.


Our Mission | Deanna from Sweet Nutrients | Bliss Balls, Protein Balls Online Australia


Eco Friendly Packaging

We are currently transitioning our product packaging to 100% eco-friendly and compostable packaging. Because like you we believe in doing our part for the planet.
All our Bliss and Protein Balls will be packaged in 100% home compostable and recyclable kraft canisters. With inner wrappers completely plant-based and home compostable.
Our Raw Treat Mix stand up pouches are recyclable at RED-cycle collection points. And their inner wrappers are plant-based and home compostable.


Bliss Balls Online Sweet Nutrients Australia


Why Raw

Plant-based foods in their raw natural state are rich in digestive enzymes. Digestive enzymes allow our body to carry out three processes. Breakdown, digest and absorb vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and phytonutrients in foods.
Enzymes have a limited temperature range which they will activate and work as intended. The optimal range being room temperature. Many foods in todays modern society are processed for convenience. Leaving naturally occurring enzymes no longer present, or present in small quantities.
So why eat plant-based you may ask? Some of the benefits of eating a plant-based diet include:
- decreased risk of chronic disease
- anti-inflammatory benefits
- high fibre diet
- weight loss/maintenance
- environmentally friendly lifestyle
It is essential to consider the quality of plant-based foods. As their soul purpose is to nourish our bodies with their valuable nutrients. We choose to source organic ingredients for our products when and where available.
Recognising our love of all things Sweet. Plus our in-depth knowledge to consume beneficial Nutrients. We thought...'Let's create the best of both worlds!'
Our raw plant-based treats contain protein, good quality fats and fibre for our bodies to thrive. These macro nutrients are essential in boosting energy levels. And also assist in important cellular functions throughout the body. 
Put your mind at ease and indulge in our guilt-free nutritious treats. Our slices, cakes, and bliss balls can be enjoyed pre or post workout, in kids lunch boxes, as an afternoon pick-me-up, or dessert.


Why Raw - Sweet Nutrients - Bliss Balls, Protein Balls, Raw Cakes Online Australia

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