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Hey Sweet Tooth, is that 3pm sweet craving getting you down? Finding yourself reaching for a chocolate bar then instantly regretting it?  Sweet Nutrients was founded to nourish your body with wholesome, plant based, naturally sweet foods while satisfying those cravings. Step away from the confectionary aisle, we'll take it from here. 

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Founded by a treat-loving gal on a mission to create tasty vegan, organic, gluten free sweets packed full of goodness, without any of the artificial stuff.

With just a few clicks our nutrients dense treats can be ordered online and delivered straight to your treat-loving hands.

About Us
  • "The Raw Treat Mixes are so handy to have in the cupboard when you’re feeling a bit peckish. I love how quick and easy they are to make, no need to get out the food processor, it’s all done for you! I usually make balls and they are great to grab for a snack. Highly recommend."

    - Tamara. J

  • "Sweet Nutrients have successfully perfected the Berry Flavour Bliss Ball! I was confident they would pull off this flavour, but it exceeded all expectations. The Berry Bliss Balls are the perfect combination of sweet and tangy and like all their other flavours, completely satisfying. Thanks SN! And congratulations. Love them!"

    - Petra. B

  • "The raw treat mixes are so easy and quick, you can taste how natural they are by using all quality ingredients. For someone like me working in the fitness industry I like to know exactly what I am eating and sweet nutrients don't hide anything."

    - Travis. B

  • "Our entire family love the DIY kits! The kids love to get involved in making and then they love eating them too! Diy means we can make smaller balls which are easier for the kid’s to snack on!"

    - Alyce. C

  • "Sweet Nutrients delicious treats are vegan and taste amazing. I have ordered the caramel bliss balls and caramel raw treat mix and they are a tasty snack. They help me get through the day."

    - Suzanne. U

  • "Sweet Nutrients have the best healthy (yet still naughty tasting) treats around town. I don’t ever feel bad about indulging in their range as I know that each one of their products is made using quality ingredients and they are all refine sugar free, helping me consume deliciousness - guilt free."

    - Renee. H

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