We use a variety of coconut based ingredients in our treats, however in this post we are specifically referring to fine coconut, also known as desiccated coconut.⁠

Define - fine coconut : dehydrating and grounding the coconut flesh.

If you head on over to your local Woolworths or general supermarket you will most likely find the fine desiccated coconut you may have been purchasing isn't just coconut as it may appear.⁠

If you turn over the packet and look at the ingredients section generally there is at least one more ingredient other than coconut. Most likely listed as 'Preservatives', with a number or two listed after. The most common preservative in fine coconut is 220, also known as sulphur dioxide (SO2).

SO2 is used to prevent browning of the coconut flesh during the process of drying. SO2 is a known allergen and has been known to provoke asthma attacks, skin rashes and irritations in those with sulphate sensitivity. SO2 can be found in other dried fruits, soft drinks, cordials, wines and sausages. 

This is why we choose to make our treats from organic fine coconut which contains only dehydrated ground coconut, no preservatives.

As the sole purpose of the foods we consume is to nourish our bodies with the most valuable nutrients we consider it a high priority to choose organic coconut over regular coconut.

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Wow!! Thanks Dee I’m loving reading all about what organic really means.. Christine..


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